About Us

Meridian Appliances has been marketing laundry products to the Boats and Yachts industry since 2006. The company’s flagship product is a combo washer-dryer, a single unit that washes and dries laundry in the same machine. Models have been available in venting and non-venting types and in white and silver colors.

The new 6th generation machine is called the Super Combo Washer Dryer Version 2.6 and is so named because the user has a choice to convert the dryer from venting to non-venting in the same unit. This allows the distributor and the dealer to carry only one model that works for different applications, and provide the customer with a choice to switch from venting to non-venting depending upon their change of usage over time. The Super Combo has been designed in the US, and features easy to use digital controls, has rugged suspension and has complied with Federal Energy Standards.

Meridian Appliances also markets Washer and Dryer stackables. Dryers are available in compact and standard size models. The lineup is complimented by a full range of accessories to make the laundry appliance convenient and easy to use. High efficiency detergent has been specially developed to provide proper usage.

Meridian Appliances believes in quality appliances that exceed expectations. Constant research and development is done to bring customers the best innovation in the industry as well as the best quality products available.